Alfred Road Kindergarten participates in the “Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme” (BKCES).

To enrol your children at the Alfred Road Kindergarten, please visit the Boroondara Council webpage and complete online application.


New applications can be made after the child turns two years of age. Information about enrolment eligibility, selection criteria, notification of places and other related matters are available in the BKCES Information Kit, which can be downloaded from the Boroondara Council website.

Program and Fees 2024



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total Weekly Hours 


(22 children) 


9am-3pm   9am-3pm 12


Voluntary contribution of $345 per term

(22 children) 


 9am-4pm 9am-4pm  21^

$690 per term

($620 for eligible concession card holders)


Term Fees – this includes all program costs, sun hat and several incursions (e.g.: puppets, visiting animals). Fees also include excursions and our Chinese Language program for Koala group. Term 1 fees to be paid in advance to secure placement (Non-refundable). Fees are subject to change and funding adjustment.

*Free Kindergarten Statement:

The Victorian Government has announced that it is committing billions of dollars to expand kindergarten programs across the state in the next decade. As part of this plan, the Government has communicated that from 2023, “Free Kinder” will be available for all Victorian 3 and 4 Year old children at participating services.

At Alfred Road Kindergarten, we have accepted the ‘Free Kinder’ initiative, which provides us with a further subsidy to children. This additional contribution is capped at $2,500 per year per child for 15 hours of kindergarten only (for both 3 & 4 year old kindergarten).  Although this appears to be a “free” proposition, acceptance into this initiative comes with various restrictive conditions, including the inability to charge any levies (such as a maintenance levy) or ‘gap’ fees to recover the shortfall between the cost of running our kinder and the subsidy offered, unless the program exceeds 15 hours.

3 year old kinder fees: Despite not being able to enforce a charge to our families for 3 year old kindergarten under the ‘Free Kinder’ initiative, we will be requesting a voluntary contribution per attending child of $345 a term, which will ensure that our programming remains uncompromised and that we continue to remain financially viable as a sessional kindergarten. This will be invoiced to families each term, and families will then have the option to continue through to online payment. Payment is not a condition of enrolment, however, we appreciate your support for the children and staff at ARK.

4 year old fees: As we offer 21 hours in our 4 year old group, the term fee listed reflects the cost of the additional 6 hours of kindergarten that are not subsidised and are able to be charged to families to ensure our financial sustainability. These will be invoiced that the beginning of each term, with the Term 1 fee paid in advance to secure placement

^Under the ‘Free Kinder’ initiative, ARK must provide a 15 hour free option to our program. We do not have a standalone 15 hour option, so the 15 hours are a subset of our 21 hour program. For those wishing to attend part of our full program please contact us for further information. There are several reasons we would not recommend families participate in this option, and we would like to discuss this with you prior to undertaking further enrolment steps



Please contact us here if you wish to organise a private tour of Alfred Road Kindergarten.



Key Policies

All ARK policies are available upon request from the kindergarten.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol?

Alfred Road Kindergarten’s enrolments are managed by the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme (BKCES). Enrolment information kits and application forms can be found online at the BKCES website – https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/residents/families-children/kindergartens


I don’t live in Boroondara, so can I still enrol my children into Alfred Road Kindergarten?

Yes. Alfred Road Kindergarten is not a zoned kindergarten and is open to all applications, with priority given to Boroondara residents. Alfred Road Kindergarten is conveniently accessible to commuters using Burwood Highway, Toorak Road and Warrigal Roads.


Does my child have to be vaccinated to attend Alfred Road Kindergarten?

Under the ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation, children are required to be fully vaccinated for their age in order to attend any kindergarten. Parents/guardians will be required to present evidence that their child is: fully immunised for their age, on a vaccination catch-up program, or unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.


When can my child start 3 year old sessions at Alfred Road Kindergarten?

In order to attend Alfred Road Kindergarten, children must turn 3 years of age on or before the 30 April in the year of attendance.

Due to child-educator ratios, children cannot attend kindergarten sessions until after their third birthday.


When can my child start 4 year old kindergarten at Alfred Road Kindergarten?

In order to attend Alfred Road Kindergarten, children must turn 4 years of age on or before 30th of April in the year of attendance.


What if my child is not toilet trained?

Our educators are more than happy to work with families during the toilet training process. It is recommended that those not toilet trained wear pull ups to kindergarten. Our educators will encourage all children to use the toilet when needed. Spare clothing should also be brought along in case of accidents.


When can I lodge an application to Alfred Road Kindergarten?

You can apply when your child turns two years of age.


When will kindergarten offers be made?

First Round Offers will be made from late July to early August in the year preceding attendance.