We warmly welcome you to explore and discover what Alfred Road Kindergarten has to offer your child and family.

The kindergarten years are when children develop and learn much faster than at any other age and because of this we believe our programme must always be of the highest quality.  Our centre's philosophy revolves around the original meaning of 'kindergarten' – a garden for children where they can learn through play.

We aim to provide an enriching and supportive environment which challenges, encourages and stimulates each child's imagination, interests and awareness of themselves and others within our multicultural community.  Our programmes are open-ended, play-based and creative where the children's interests and suggestions are taken into account when planning activities.  

In 2013 our programme was assessed against the National Quality Framework and was awarded an overall rating of 'Exceeding', a testament to the commitment and professionalism of our teaching staff.

Alfred Road Kindergarten is also a full member of the Early Learning Association (ELAA) which aims to represent parents, Committees of Management and children as well as promote the role of kindergartens.

Photography Copyright- Angela Long