About Alfred Road Kindergarten

About Alfred Road Kindergarten



Come and explore what Alfred Road Kindergarten has to offer your child and family.

Our centre’s philosophy is simple. We honour the original meaning of ‘kindergarten’: A garden for children where they can learn through play.

The kindergarten years play an important role in your child’s development. During this short period, they develop and learn much faster than any other age.

A lifelong love of learning begins here.

About Alfred Road Kindergarten

Young children need to stretch their bodies in order to stretch their minds. At ARK, we provide a supportive and encouraging environment. Our open-ended, play based program is designed to ignite their interests and imagination.

Our years of experience have lead us to create a unique approach to learning. One that instills children with confidence to makes choices, establish self-awareness while encouraging them to work through challenges.

With gentle guidance, we aim to provide an enriching and supportive environment, and engage with others within our multicultural community.


Our Purpose

To provide a positive, playful and nurturing environment for our children to learn, have fun and grow.

About Alfred Road Kindergarten


Our Values

Respect and GratitudeFor ourselves and our family
 For our friends and our community
 For our resources and our environment
Education and LearningThrough love of exploring new learning opportunities
 Through positive kinder experiences with play-based learning
 Through setting a foundation for lifelong learning and development
Communication and Self-ExpressionBy developing self-awareness and social confidence
 By instilling pride in our efforts and outcomes
 By building a sense of independence and confidence
Safe and NurturingThrough open play with patience and support
 Through guided and supported learning experiences and social opportunities
 Through focusing on the individual development needs of each child
Develop and ProsperBy growing physically and emotionally as we learn and play
 By reflecting on our learning and building on our experiences
 By establishing a foundation for a happy and functional life
Warm and Caring RelationshipsThrough experienced staff and parents partnering in our children’s learning and development
 Through the running of the kindergarten by the parent community and staff for our children
 Through the involvement of extended families and our local community
Fun and EnjoymentBy laughing a lot, having fun and enjoying each other’s company
 By enjoying each day for what it is
 By going home each day with positive memories and wanting more


Alfred Road Kindergarten is committed to the rights of all children to feel safe, and be safe at all times.